Therapy for Moms

Mamamorphosis is a unique program designed to guide you through the physical changes of becoming a mother.

Office PhotoWendy Shaw Dahl is a Physical Therapist who became a mother. As a P.T. she rehabilitated hundreds of patients in both hospitals and private practice. As a mother Wendy helped friends, family and herself avoid pain and injuries during pregnancy and after their babies were born. Combining knowledge and experience, Wendy began catering physical therapy to pre and post natal moms in 2005.


  • Physical Therapy for busy and tired Moms
  • Prenatal fitness for an optimal pregnancy and easier labor & delivery
  • Postpartum recovery including appropriate exercises when you need them
  • C-section and Episiotomy Recovery
  • “Baby” Body Mechanics – hot tips to save your back with the baby (and all baby’s equipment)
  • Safe, gentle techniques to get rid of pain plus how to keep it away
  • One-on-one with Wendy, no Aides or Assistants