Wendy Shaw Dahl, MPT

Over 15 Years Helping People Heal.

Photo of WendyMamamorphosis was created as a place just for moms to be nurtured by people who are happy to help when you’re pregnant and after your child is born. Combining the knowledge and experience to guide you through the unknown and to help when you have an issue including healthcare, fitness, social and emotional support and pampering.


  • Physical Therapy for busy and tired Moms
  • Prenatal fitness for an optimal pregnancy and easier labor & delivery
  • Postpartum recovery including appropriate exercises when you need them
  • C-section and Episiotomy Recovery
  • “Baby” Body Mechanics – hot tips to save your back with the baby (and all baby’s equipment)
  • Safe, gentle techniques to get rid of pain plus how to keep it away
  • One-on-one with Therapist, no Aides or Assistants
  • Serene office, baby-friendly, no other patients during your appointment.