Personalized Physical Therapy in San Luis Obispo

Over 15 years of hospital rehab and private practice experience providing personalized one on one attention to help those in need.

Wendy Shaw Dahl, MPT is a California licensed Physical Therapist and has helped hundreds of patients heal from pain, injury, surgery, stroke, illness, spinal cord injury, balance issues, and pregnancy/postpartum conditions. After becoming a mother, Wendy focused her physical therapy practice to help pre and post natal mothers.

  • Safe and effective techniques
  • Pain relief
  • Appropriate Exercise
  • Posture and Body Mechanics
  • Referrals for local perinatal/parent resources
  • Guidance for self-nurturing
  • Light Therapy
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy™
  • Certified Pilates Instruction
  • Myofascial Treatment
  • Manual Treatment
  • Taping and Modifications





“Physical therapy means the art and science of physical or corrective rehabilitation or of physical or corrective treatment of any bodily or mental condition of any person by the use of the physical, chemical, and other properties of heat, light, water, electricity, sound, massage, and active, passive, and resistive exercise, and shall include physical therapy evaluation, treatment planning, instruction and consultative services. The practice of physical therapy includes the promotion and maintenance of physical fitness to enhance the bodily movement related health and wellness of individuals through the use of physical therapy interventions.”

CA State Board of PT/Business & Professions Code 2620